New(lywed) Pornographer

Did any of you catch the invite-only Neko Case/Mates Of State show last night? Unless you work for Matador, play for the New Pornographers, or are related to Carl Newman, the answer to that is probably “no.” That’s ’cause that semi-secret gig was part of a larger party: chief-Porno-in-charge Carl Newman’s wedding to Ms. Christy Simpson (five years Carl’s junior at 34). So aside from the entire Matador staff and the NP roster, who else made the invite list?

Folks like master of ceremonies Eugene Mirman, a whale-pantalooned David Cross, and, apparently, the New York Times, who provide a sort of recap/review of yesterday’s Newman/Simpson nuptials. They even took quotes! Carl talks about love in terms of reality TV, Neko admits to crying during one of the toasts, etc. (Also, Neko fans, she drinks Jägermeister.) So, uhh, head over to NYT for more deets from the wedding/”high-school-party sloppy” ceremony, we guess? Feels sorta creepy, but then, a reporter was invited so it’s all above-board info.

Pitchfork’s wedding gift to Mr. Newman: A 6.0 for Challengers. Congrats, Carl!

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[Pic by Nicholas Roberts for The New York Times]