New Cloud Room – “24 Hr Heartbreak”

It’s been a couple of years now since the Cloud Room’s massive smash that wasn’t (and the hastily assembled record to support it) was released into the wild on Gigantic. Since then things have scaled back for the band (though the infectious “Hey Now Now” continues to spread its wings globally, currying favor with Aussies and Brazilian Pepsi execs alike), and despite a house fire that nearly incinerated the patiently crafted follow-up EP, the Brooklyn rockers are set, finally, to release the four-song cycle Please Don’t Almost Kill Me. The first track from the platter is the crazy catchy single “24 Hr Heartbreak,” giving lead vocalist J a chance to channel some Bowie/Bono bravado and Pulp-y cheek (poor guy’s reduced to being a “little comfy chair”).

The Cloud Room – “24 Hr Heartbreak” (MP3)

So far so good, but you already knew the Cloud Room could write a killer single. The better news is that the songs surrounding “24 Hr” are a resounding step up, easily eclipse the debut LP’s ephemera. Clearly, the Cloud Room have learned two valuable lessons from the fall-out of their earlier flirtation with indie fame: 1) Take your time to craft tight, anthemic pop with smart push/pull hook teases; and 2) The word “hey” is hella fun to sing along to.

Please Don’t Almost Kill Me EP is out 9/18 through Insound. We’ll get ya more listens soon. For now, take the jump for PDAKM cover art.