Bonnaroo Or Bust

Last post for a while. Here’s a bunch of unrelated things…

While I’m in Tennessee you should check out these AWESOME shows. I’m not just saying that ’cause they’re my friends’ bands:

Argentine Friday 11:00 @ Siberia
Ladyjane Saturday 11:30 @ Luna Lounge

And happy early birthday to Audrey.

If anyone else is covering Bonnaroo and wants to meet up, send me an e-mail. I’ll probably be checking e-mail this weekend … possibly blogging (when I need a break from 72 hours of hippiedom). I’m planning to meet up with Paul Is Not A Jerk, and he LOVES the Dead, which is good ’cause I know like ten Dead songs and I’m sure none of them will be played.

I just learned Ween are playing on midnight on Saturday. I’m mosdef going to that.

Before I go, presents for my both Stereogum reader demos:


The Replacements – “Let It Be” 1984
Willie Nelson & Paul Simon – “Graceland” 1993
Chambawamba – “Tubthumping (Flaming Lips/Dave Fridmann Remix) 2003

And for the other readers:

Britney and Kevin leave their Manhattan apartment yesterday.

Let’s chip in and buy him shoelaces.

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