New Hives – “Tick Tick Boom”

No surprise that John “BOOM! He’s on his back” Madden would show interest in a Hives track titled “Tick Tick Boom,” and a cursory listen makes us think it may just be a fit for the opening credits. Howlin’ Pelle’s howlin’ “yeeeeeahhh”s over high-octage grungy garage power chords on this one, which also makes an appearance on the band’s fourth studio LP The Black And White Album (gotta wonder, why didn’t Beatallica think of that?). The album features a spread of producers including Jacknife Lee (presently holed up with R.E.M. in Dublin), Pharrell, and Timbaland (returning the favor). Have a listen to the track at All About Music.

The Black And White Album is out 10/8 in the UK, 10/9 in the US via Interscope, album art below. The Hives still like ties! Peace, brothers.

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