New Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Make A Plan”

We’re definitely digging big bands these days. Maybe it’s a sign. Like perhaps we should actually get outside around other people now and then? Whatever the case, fluctuating Michigan pop collective Saturday Looks Good To Me list a hefty dozen contributors in the liner notes for fourth album Fill Up The Room. The photo we have includes just half that number, so let’s stick with “fluctuating” for now.

One surefire regular’s the poly-instrumental front-and-center man Fred Thomas. On “Make A Plan,” his intimately charming vocals (it occasionally sounds like he’s about to laugh) and witty “Jenny” lyrics drift beside wafts of guitar strums, flanges, ‘n’ sustain.

At around the two-minute mark (and onward) when shakers, tambourine, and synthy blurts join with a warm organ and slightly chillier piano, the band’s gently crowded palette hits like a refreshing weekend breeze. Yup, Saturday does look pretty good right about now. Big question: Who’s playing the bathtub/wavepool?

Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Make A Plan” (MP3)

Fill Up The Room is out 10/23 on K.