Green Day’s “Know Your Enemy” Kicks Off NCAA Finals

Tonight’s NCAA Championship also served as the world premiere of Green Day’s new single. Ninety seconds of it, at least. A teaser video that preceded UNC’s victory over Michigan State mixed season highlights with a shots of Billie Joe, Tre, and Mike performing on top of flaming televisions. You could question the logic behind marrying a political punk opera to basketball programming, but it wouldn’t be the first time Green Day benefited from an awkward TV montage. So if you were watching The Hills, here’s what you missed…

(If that comes down try this .mov file.)

If that Tube gets taken down, you can hear 30 seconds at

A proper video for the Butch Vig-produced song arrives 4/24. The three-act 21st Century Breakdown is out 5/15 on Reprise.

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