New O’Death Video – “Down To Rest”

Never would’ve guessed that O’Death’s ramshackle freak-show Appalachian folk was best illustrated by a trip through the cosmos … yet so go the storyboards for our favorite chain-rattling Brooklyn banjo stompers’ first proper vid. But it isn’t just. The moonshine swing also soundtracks an good ol’ fashioned stick ‘em up at a wild wild west poker game, and gallows of claymation slaves bellowing “lay me…” straight out of a Tool vid, on a cosmic pirate ship. So much better than just setting O’Death in the backwoods with a platter full of psychedelics, no? Pretty sure those space skeletons blow up Earth at the end there. Oh, death.

Take some “Rest” for the road!

O’Death – “Down To Rest” (MP3)


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