Marla Hansen Covers Castanets

Lots going on in Marla Hansen land. The singing violist releases her Wedding Day EP today, a six-track collection with help from Asthmatic buddies Sufjan Stevens and Shara Worden aka My Brightest Diamond (with even more support coming from Sebastian Krueger aka artist-to-watch Inlets). Today P4K details her work-for-hire history (including Kanye West, Jay-Z, the New Pornographers, the National, Oneida, Sufjan). And a little poking around’s revealed she’s already been on Stereogum, albeit in a supporting role, playing viola on MBD’s awesome “Lucky” for OKX.

To prove she can carry a cover on her lonesome, Marla’s given us a listen of her take on former-surf-pro Raymond Raposa (aka Castanets)’s “Sway” (herein titled “End Bugs”). It’s more spare than Raymond’s, although the bugs ‘n’ planes flying overhead give it a swampy backporch thickness.

Marla Hansen – “End Bugs” (MP3)

Marla’s got a full-length on the way, but that’s months off and clearly after listening to that subtly arresting Castanets cover you want a taste of her original work immediately. To that end, here’s a gentle cut from Wedding Day, coming with a brighter vibe; bells ‘n’ shakers; and barely overlapping, syncopated arrangements.

Marla Hansen – “A Friend Indeed” (MP3)

Wedding Day is out now via Standard Recording Company. More on her full length soon.