New Prefuse 73 – “Class Of 73 Bells”

Guillermo Herren’s one busy sound sculptor. Returning to the Prefuse 73 moniker after a bit of Savath y Savalas and all sorts of etc., the Barcelona-based beat maker’s issuing Preparations, a new P73 full-length the end of next month. And if you buy it at the local record shoppe, you get a second album, the classical-minded Ensembles, alongside it. Inveterate downloader? You’re shit out of luck (until you find Ensembles on-line!). Single or double, Preparations is preceded by a four-song 12″ EP, which featuring single numero uno, “Class Of 73 Bells,” Herron’s collaboration with breezy Brooklyn psychedelic vocal troupe School Of Seven Bells, who include ex-members of Secret Machines and On!Air!Library!.

Prefuse 73 – “The Class Of 73 Bells (edit)” (MP3)

The spinning, flute-y tune has a definite pastoral, dance-y Sufjan-on-Bodies Of Water air … and we’re not just saying that. This is an edit, though, and we’re hopeful the full-sized piece explodes after a few rounds.

The Class Of 73 Bells EP also includes “The Classical Sounds Of 73 Bells” (dude loves puns!), “Smoking Red” with Battles’ drummer John Stanier, and “En Blanco” a so-called “Prefuse/Epstein Production.”

You can nab the “Class Of 73 Bells” single on 9/17 and the Preparations LP on 10/23, both via Warp.