Bono Is Dr. Robert

That silly looking Beatles flick we checked in February is finally getting ready to plop, featuring 30 Beatles tunes (not including the film’s namesake, oddly) sung by the cast to narrate a psychedelic, Vietnam-era tale. What we did not know then, but Extra informs us of now: Bono sings “I Am The Walrus” as “the trippie hippie” Dr. Robert. Yep, enjoy that.

What they don’t mention, though, is that Mr. Joe Cocker plays a homeless guy, Eddie Izzard’s “Mr. Kite,” and the Secret Machines provide the music. Whaa?

Incidentally, this isn’t Bono’s first flirtation with “Across The Universe.” From the ’05 Grammys…

Reminds you of one of those SNL sketches, right? Play on, Michael.

Across The Universe is has a limited release on 9/14 with a full release on 9/21.

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