New New Violators – “Messiah”

Band To Watch New Violators, our favorite new wave-y Norwegians, have posted a new track over at their MySpace. Yup, that’s a lot of “new”‘s in one sentence — guess we’re hoping they’ll actually release a new album! Despite putting on the absolute best performance at Øya 2006, storming NYC, and rocking our SXSW Puppet Show, the Trondheim quartet are still sans a proper debut. What the hell? Norwegians, even the ones who wear scarves and tight white pants (or corpse paint, for that matter), are just so laid back.

Messiah” finds Per Borten and Co. trimmed to a quartet, but still in fine form, whipping up a dramatic, crime-worshiping, night-tinted anthem (with promises of being on time tomorrow) that’s equal parts Echo, the Cure, and a kinder-gentler Moz. As with all their songs, the triumphant hook makes us wish it was 2 a.m. and we were wandering the streets slightly drunk (TGIF). This is what New Romanticism was supposed to do and right now not many are doing it better. If you haven’t seen ‘em live, you’re missing out: these dudes can really kick up a glittery storm. They’ll be back in NYC for CMJ, so keep your eyes peeled. This time Per’s playing guitar as well as singing. Hopefully he can still pull-off those dramatic stage moves.