Bigmouths Strike Again: Generosity & Losers Edition

Today’s very special installment of Bigmouths… brings us not one but two quotes with which to tickle your pullquote identification skillz. In one sitting, discussing global events and self-confidence, this artiste established both deep-rooted compassion and infallible logic. Bravo.

“I am a very giving person. When the hurricane thing happened, I went to my closet, filled six boxes of stuff and said to my assistant, ‘Take it to Katrina!’ I also like to give stuff to people who are my ‘workers,’ especially if they don’t make much money.”

“People love me and people hate me, but I’m comfortable in my own skin and that’s what counts. And anyway if you do hate me, you’re the loser, not me.”

Nobody’s arguing with that. Guess the altruistic rhetorician, then take the jump.