New Brad Laner Video – “Arlie”

Last week we caught up with former Medicine man Brad Laner via the killer, sun-splattered psych-popper “Find Out,” from Brad’s first LP under his own name (the rest of his post-Medicine work has been as the Electric Company). The progression from sliced speaker shoegazer to something more psilocybic’s complete on Neighbor Singing, and this clip for “Arlie”‘s hushed ‘n’ spacey piano ballad is about as trippy as a black and white rendering will allow: A record spins, fish swim, ivories are tickled, all revealed through slowly spreading filter of bubbles and Laner’s loner vocals. Mellowness abound…

Bonus Laner love: If “Arlie” for bedtime (it is), “June Gloom”‘s a midsummer morning’s kaleidoscopic groover. Goes nice with that morning cup of ‘shroom tea.

Brad Laner – “June Gloom” (MP3)

Neighbor Singing is out 11/6 on Hometapes.