Band Of Horses Help Wal-Mart Express Their Mission Statement

Imagine, if you will, the Wal-Mart board meeting, in which this new ad campaign was pitched full of discussions of what it really means to be Wal-Mart, the finest of the discount retail behemoths, the purveyor of everything, all the time. Everything All The Time? Wait! Ding-ding-ding-ding! Give that ad exec a gold star! Band Of Horses may be ready to Cease To Begin, but Wal-Mart’s more interested in publicizing their “Funeral” — taking that track and setting as background to the store’s many merits, that is. Reader Seth informs us of Wal-Mart’s new ad initiative, and asks “recognize that song?” We do! Now there’s no need to bust out the digicams when BoH lays into “The Funeral,” Band fans; just head over to to get your fix of majestic, open-skied reverb and get psyched about sweet, sweet savings on digicams … which you can then take to a Band Of Horses show and use when they sing “The Funeral.”