New Two Gallants – “Despite What You’ve Been Told” (And Album Art)

One thing you can’t take away from the James Joyce-indebted delta-blues punk-folk Saddle Creek duo Two Gallants: the guys know how to work. Last year Adam and Tyson played 200 some odd shows, met some friendly cops, and released the What The Toll Tells LP. But the San Fran bash ‘n’ finger-pickers are bent on making ’07 no less exhausting, with plenty more touring in support of not one but two new studio efforts, including their third, self-titled album. Gallant, indeed. We had a listen of the acoustic EP The Scenery Of Farewell with the wistfully slow-rolling “Seems Like Home To Me,” but LP cut “Despite What You’ve Been Told” is slice of what makes TG such a great live band: Adam’s flowing phrases and dusty, scuzzy guitar crossed with Ty’s artful skin smashing. Always amazed it takes just two to create this rollicking, melodic racket.

Two Gallants – “Despite What You’ve Been Told” (MP3)

Two Gallants is out 9/25 on Saddle Creek. The album art. That’s them under those masks.

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