Bill Callahan Does “Rococo Zephyr,” “Faith/Void” In A Record Store

Yesterday Bill Callahan stopped into Columbus, Ohio’s Used Kids Record Store to promote his fantastic new record Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle. The intimate environment suits “Rococo Zephyr,” with its lingering fingerpicking and ripple ripple rippling riverside imagery. Stripped of parenthesis and out of his Smog, Bill sits here sporting a fresh shave, long hair, and little distraction from that inimitably rich baritone. I want to go to there.

(via P4K)

You should have this:

Bill Callahan – “Eid Ma Clack Shaw” (MP3)

Sometimes I Wish We Were An Eagle is out today via Drag City. And speaking of record stores, Bill will be performing at NYC’s Other Music on Saturday (Record Store Day).