New R.E.M. Live Video – “I Took Your Name”

As of late, new R.E.M. live videos are coming up the pipeline rapidfire in anticipation of the forthcoming live CD/DVD release. We’ve mentioned those five new songs unveiled at Dublin’s Olympia Theater for a series of “Working Rehearsal” shows, their only gigs this year. These videos, though, are from Dublin in February ’05 when the band played the Point Theatre, which a kind Irish reader described to us as “a shitbox that holds 8,000 people.” (Thanks, Neilo.) Well, step inside the, uh, “shitbox” and peak this live “I Took Your Name.”

Lots o’ lights ‘n’ edits, camera cuts, face paint, and dapper-dressed sounds. Best moment, though, is when Stipe reaches great heights first with his voice and then his mic stand: He doesn’t want to be Iggy Pop, but if that’s what it takes … hey.

Still not sure when to expect studio LP14, but R.E.M. Live’s out 10/16 on Warner Brothers.

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