Austin City Limits ’07: Arctic Monkeys, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Muse

Our Saturday in Austin was relatively tame — no man-made clouds, no crazy Austin City Limits tapings (although friends hit Wilco at 4PM), and, sadly, no White Stripes. The loss of Jack ‘n’ Meg just exacerbated the fact that the festival is Friday and Sunday heavy, although the schedulers did do the bloggers a favor yesterday, slating a 1-2-3 punch of Arctic Monkeys/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah/Arcade Fire, one after another, on the adjacent AMD and AT&T Blue Room stages. We took the opportunity to check in with A’Monks and CYHSY, both tighter than the last time you saw ‘em, but we had to take a raincheck on pulling the internet trifecta: After last night’s Arcade Fire taping, we figured we we’re a set or two over our Arcade quota, opting instead for Muse’s crazy stage spectacle. Didn’t get a chance to shoot ‘em at Lolla, so naturally we’ve overcompensated with too many pics of Bellamy’s guitar hero posturing and the million-and-one-lightbulbs stage rig, waiting for ya after the jump.

Afterwards we caught Sparrow House and St. Vincent at the Hot Freaks party (promise pics from both Freaky nights soon). Annie kept us a bit past bedtime, but it was worth it. Looks like we’re gonna miss Nicole Atkins, but we should get to the grounds in time for Yo La Tengo and the National. Pop quiz, hotshot: Do we see Wilco or My Morning Jacket? Why are they scheduled at the same time? Answers to either would be greatly appreciated.