Bigmouths Strike Again: Crazy Clever Edition

Shakespeare’s alright, but c’mon, you know he never hooked shit up like this. In an interview with Radar, today’s Bigmouth explains why he’s smarter than the average pop star…

“It’s harder than you think to write the sort of song that keeps your attention and entices you to sing it verbatim later. It’s easy, if you’re a poet, to write complex verses like, ‘I’m coming after you like VWXYZ.’ Just think about that. It’s like, ‘You, V does come after U! That’s fucking crazy!’ My mind thinks like that all the time, coming up with crazy clever metaphors and rhymery things.”

Guess the poet who knows it, and take the jump for the answer.

We knew well had a punny name, but this takes the Black Eyed Peas rhymer to a new level: “It’s like, if you and Tom Landry were doing the laundry, because, like, if you put a U in ‘landry’, in the right place, it spells ‘laundry.'”

Dude needs his own episode of Sesame Street.