New Hard-Fi Live Video – “Tonight (Acoustic)”

Staines-based outfit Hard-Fi’s a hit with the Brit kids, with two records to their name, both of which hit #1. The most recent, Once Upon A Time In The West, sees Stateside release today, which the band’s celebrating with some clips from a live session recorded in London’s Air Studios a little while back. On “Tonight,” singer Richard Archer’s called it a “big piano driven number,” mentioning it’s “about the possibility of night time.” This clip does little by way of recreating the night or the piano — it’s a well-lit studio, with Hard-Fi manning the acoustics; the verses don’t hit with much heft, either, but the hook and (especially) the backing vox give it a sense of scene-stealing drama. “History is made at night,” continued Archer, and you get the sense he’s used “Tonight” to woo a girl or two afterhours. With that chorus, probably worked, too.

Once Upon A Time In The West is out in the US today on Atlantic.

Tags: Hard-Fi