New Tacks, The Boy Disaster Video – “Frozen Feet”

Tacks, the Boy’s clip for “Forget-Me-Not” took randomness to arty heights, pairing that track’s Grizzly-meets-Dr. Dog psych-pop to all sorts of ephemeral imagery (animated gnomes, movie clips, pop art, etc.). No complaints, though — it worked. “Frozen Feet,” another standout from the band’s Oh, Beatrice EP, is different both in sound (more of a Nigel Godrich vibe than the retro/indie psych pastiche) and in look: there’s actually a connective theme this time! And that theme is, well, use as many camera editing tricks as possible.

Lots of isolated instrument playing/split-screen action up front, digital recreation of film running off the reel in the middle, strobe image boxes and grainy dissolves later. Pick a fave sequence, aspiring cinematographers. Personally, digging on draping the band in stringed lights, making ‘em look like slowly moving nighttime constellations (“Orion’s belt” and all that). Or maybe that’s just ‘case we can never see stars in NYC. Anyway, nice combo, Tacks.

Take the mildly Brit-pop recalling Texan Tacks tune for your PMP…

Tacks, The Boy Disaster – “Frozen Feet” (MP3)

…and enjoy ‘em live:

09/22 – Fort Worth, TX (Wall of Sound Festival)
09/27 – Austin, TX (Ruta Maya Festival)
10/17 – New York, NY @ The Living Room 6PM (CMJ Paste Mag Party)
10/17 – New York, NY @ Arlenes Grocery 10pm (BMI Party)