New Alanis Morissette Live Video – “Underneath”

Alanis’s goodwill re-up via Fergie’s humps ‘n’ lumps lampooning is gonna be a tough act to follow, obviously. But she made us laugh then, so at least we’re interested now. What we have here is a bootleg video captured at the Elevate Film Festival on 9/15, where “Underneath” debuted. A more serious outing, yes, and another contribution to the pool-themed video genre: Most recently there was Rilo Kiley’s wedding-day plunge and Cracker’s diving-board reading list, but this is shot with a more noir night-swimming kinda feel.

Totally decent, if kinda “mature” song — the removed, off-kilter bootleg vibe adds to the whole thing. Just us, though, or is A sounding more and more like the Shakira of “Don’t Bother” … or, wait, maybe Shakira’s swallowed some of Alanis’ jagged little pill? “Underneath” will be included on Alanis’s forthcoming 2008 full-length, which she’s been recording with Guy Sigsworth. He had a few kind things to say about the whole setup. Via Arbiter

We’ve just finished the new Alanis Morissette album. She’s asked us to do a few more tracks – B-sides and exclusives with her. She’s a dream to work with – she’s totally into my sound world. If I make a noise that makes me feel a certain way, I know it’s going to make her feel that way too. I wrote twenty-five songs with her. We recorded thirteen for the album, and we’re doing eight more now. She can write a song so quickly. It’s truly amazing. On one song I opened Reaktor (Akkord), she walked in, said, ‘Oh, that’s pretty’, and we started jamming against it. 20 minutes later we had a song.

She sounds great, but we kinda miss the angry ‘n’ ironic days. Don’t ya think?