Reunited Jane’s Addiction Promise Free New Music, Bitter Feuding

We just saw Perry Farrell and his wife practically fuck onstage at Coachella. Things between members of Jane’s Addiction aren’t as amorous. In a Reuters interview yesterday, the band’s frontman says tourmate Trent Reznor tried and failed to mediate after watching JA “explode” on each other in the studio. The silver lining, Perry says, is that at least this reunion’s not a bore. “As long as they can handle it, I can handle it. … It could be worse. We could be drafted.” In happier news, you can expect Jane’s to start giving away more free MP3 singles soon, starting with a song called “Embrace the Darkness.” “I don’t even believe in selling music,” he told The Los Angeles Times in a separate Q&A. “I believe in giving it away in creative ways, and beautiful parties and festivals.” I’ll have what he’s having.