5. Figurines – “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1”

5. Figurines – “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1”

Figurines On “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1″
“We’ve always dug R.E.M.’s stuff so you can imagine that this story that follows did quite an impression on us the first time we ever did a US show. We had a show at the Crocodile in Seattle in March ’06 and one of the Danish journalists that was on the tour had a contact to Scott McCoughey and Peter Buck. Apparently Peter Buck had showed up to see another band on the bill that night but caught our last encore and liked it so much that he went to see the following day’s Portland show with Scott McCoughey and a few pictures were taken afterwards. Whether the story about the Seattle show is true or not we never really found out, but we liked the story too much to ask for the truth. But imagine being five guys from Denmark playing their just second US show and spot those two fellas among the modest audience that showed up. That could give any rock band rapid eye movements.”

The Figurines

Mike Mills On “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1″
“That’s a groovy little thing. Peter had a volume pedal or some sort of weird guitar that made those noises. We were just messing around making sounds, and decided to throw that song together. That came out of the sound of that guitar, that’s what got that song going.”

Check out Jana Hunter’s cover of “New Orleans Instrumental No. 1″ here.

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