New They Might Be Giants Video – “I’m Impressed”

Can always count on TMBG for watch worthy (if kooky) videos. So let’s make it a double feature. First up: “I’m Impressed,” a period piece along the lines of Spartacus, or maybe Gladiator, featuring a Shakespearean, regicidal plot. Starring robots. That bleed red paper. And turn to red, fleshy carcasses when slaughtered in the colosseum. Enjoy!

Next up, the coolest video you’ll see today.

The pride and joy of this here two-for-the-price-of-none bill, “Shadow Government,” could be a collagist video game, or maybe a surrealist dream sequence of a Brave New World vs. Utopia … either way, this vid has a certain je ne sais quoi. Must be the moon, must be the moon.

The Else
is out on Idlewild.