Bigmouths Strike Again: MILF Edition

You know how these things go; we pull an absurd musician-quote, give you time to ponder, then ID the perp. Beefs, ego, that sorta stuff is fine, but when artists start talking about song inspiration and bring mamas into it, well you know you’ve got yourself a winner.

[My new single] is about a guy going out to pick up girls and thinking it’s true that if your mama’s hot, you’re hot. And if your mom’s busted, then nine times out of 10, you’re about to be busted, too. I came up with it because my ex-girlfriend’s mom was hot. Everyone knew it.

Guess the Mendelian genetics expert, then take the jump for the shocking conclusion.

[via Radar]

See that’s awesome ’cause it’s romantic and it’s grounded in cold, hard scientific data. Dude’s gob is a fount of phun.