New Grizzly Bear Snippet – “Blackcurrant Jam” (And Lots Of “Knife”s)

All we’ve got to go on is a snippet here (53 seconds at that), but for fellow Grizzly fanboys and girls, it’s the best way to spend less-than-a-minute today. The song’s called “Blackcurrant Jam,” and it’s set to appear on Worried Noodles, a comp featuring songs with lyrics taken from David Shrigley’s 2005-released Worried Noodles (The Empty Sleeve) songbook. Click here for a taste of Grizzly’s blissful, harmony-laden “Jam,” set to some of David’s masterful Noodles doodles. The comp’s got 39 tracks, each from a different artist (including Franz Ferdinand, Liars, David Byrne, Hot Chip, Dirty Projectors, and Deerhoof), and it coming as a double disc with a 104-page book of lyrics and illustrations on 10/23 on Tomlab. Click for the solid setlist.

On a Grizz related note, how ’bout that song “Knife,” eh? Ya know, the one which gets guys to tap their girls on the shoulders and say “This is the song I was talking about!” when played live, the one which has been covered by everyone from Beirut (drunk) to college choirs (probably not drunk). The nostalgic pomo doo-wop track (which we once called a “is an easy access point to the still breathtaking Yellow House, and apparently it’s a ton of fun to cover — or, in Girl Talk’s case, manipulate. So for some comparison shopping, we’ve rounded up a couple of “Knife”s (Bradford Cox’s, Born Ruffians’, and not-a-DJ Gregg Gillis’s). It’s a nearly complete set.

First up, the newest of the three: Deerhunter main man Brad as Atlas Sound, performing a loopy and laid back take on the ditty, from Grizzly’s forthcoming all-friends-on-deck EP FRIEND.

Atlas Sound – “Knife”

And sure we’ve posted it before, but for purposes of inclusion, here’s new XL (in the UK)/Warp (in the US) signees Born Ruffians with their pepped-up shuffle cut of the track.

Born Ruffians – “Knife” (MP3)

And last but not least, for today anyway, here’s Girl Talk’s “Knife” remix, mashed alongside Clipse’s “Wamp Wamp.” Like we’ve always said, nothing sounds better with Grizzly Bear than some good ol’ fashioned coke rap.

Grizzly Bear – “Knife (Girl Talk Remix)”

Of course this informal poll isn’t complete without having heard CSS’s cover of “Knife” (also appearing on Friend, out 11/6 on Warp), but based on the facts at hand — state your fave. Reason well! Our favorite comment gets a new set of Ginsu knives! (Not true.)