New Live Beirut (Feat. Ed Droste) Video – “Cliquot”

Mama always said, In indie rock, as in life, it’s all about having good Friends, and nobody in the game seems BFFer than Beirut + Grizzly Bear these days. A few weeks ago we got to hear Ambassador Condon’s contribution to the Grizzly canon on the ethereal-then-bombastic retooling of “Alligator” (from the band’s forthcoming EP), and here Mr. Droste returns the favor, subbing for Zach on the Flying Club Cup track “Cliquot”‘s lead vocal line, Condon complimenting on harmony before taking over at the cut’s major modulation. The long corridor walk-up, the sepia-toned cinematography, the whirling dervish penultimate moment … yep, could only be the fabulous La Blogothèque crew.

Très romantique, no? Just one of the takes from La Blog’s previously announced full-Flying Club Cup recreation project. Chryde — burn ‘em to DVD and float ‘em for the holidays. It’ll make a perfect indie stocking stuffer.

Beirut’s Cup is out 10/9 on Ba Da Bing.