Wes Anderson’s Hotel Chevalier Features Peter Sarstedt, Natalie Portman Naked

The 13-minute short film Hotel Chevalier is a prologue to Wes Anderson’s forthcoming Darjeeling Limited (early buzz is good, supposedly a return to form post-Life Aquatic). We meet Jason Schwartzman in a Paris hotel. He orders a grilled cheese from room service. Natalie Portman shows up and brushes her teeth. The two make passionate love (EDIT: no, they don’t.). Yes, our favorite rapper does her first nude scene. Of course, we’re blogging about it ’cause the background song is Peter Sarstedt’s classic “Where Do You Go To My Lovely. Yep, beautiful song.

So you can download the arty (or should we say quirky?) short free on iTunes.

Or watch it via vid embed below. Ass-men (and -women), de rien. (NSFW, etc.) The nudity is tame, tastleful, and not full frontal (sorry, fanboys). But, like we said, you get to hear a lot of Sarstedt’s beautiful UK chart-topper from ’69.

Peruse and/or purchase The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack on iTunes here. No Bowie covers, but a lot of Kinks.