Tegan And Sara, Amanda Palmer Cover Rihanna

Really, we should be keeping a running list of all the “Umbrella” covers for posterity, ’cause clearly it’s this year’s “Crazy.” We’ve already pointed the way to Mandy Moore’s acoustic take but never pointed out My Chem’s Gerard having his way with it. And who could forget the star treatment afforded to music’s very own LonelyGirl, Marié Digby after her doe-eyed YouTube clip. But those are just novelty picks — if you’re looking for a little adventure in your pop-smash covers, give this electric rearrangement by the sisters Quinn a try.

No? More in the mood for, say, mandolin? Try the Dresden Dolls’ Amanda Palmer live from The Fringe this August. That crowd sure knows how to sing it’s “ella”s and “ay”s, aye? (Thanks, Andrew)

Amanda Palmer – “Umbrella”

Any others out there we should know about? After past it-song covers “Walking With The Ghost” and “Crazy,” figured Jack White would’ve busted one out by now.