New Paul Westerberg – “Everyone’s Stupid” & “Make The Best Of Me”

Last weekend in Minneapolis, irreplaceable ex-Replacements frontman and MN native Paul Westerberg did an interview/performance for 500 lucky fans at First Avenue for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame-sponsored Craft series. Armed with just his guitar and his voice, Westerberg premiered a new tune, “Everyone’s Stupid,” which bounces with a familiar Westerberg lilt.

It was inspired, he says, by the story of his son’s friend, who found out about his parent’s divorce after everybody else. Bastards.

We were also pleased to meet previously unreleased All Shook Down-era “Make The Best Of Me.” Makes us totally nostalgic…

(Videos via I Am Fuel, You Are Friends)

We weren’t there, but Some Velvet Blog makes us feel like we were.