New Prinzhorn Dance School Video – “You Are The Space Invader”

The spare, boy-girl sounds of DFA duo Prinzhorn Dance School have been seeping into our collective ears over the past while, their self-titled LP a study in just how dense the space between notes can be. This isn’t that jazzy type of silence we’re talking, of course; it’s a bruising minimalism, sculpted in “Space Invaders” from the intervals between jagged, plodding bass-drum hook-ups and the rhythmic chants laced with occasional, curly guitar lines. For the track’s clip, the paranoid stomp gets stop-motion live shots of the pair as winged, wicked things and stop-animation of creepy little bunnies. Flapping, twirling, gnawing out of cocoons … pretty fucked up dance school, Prinzhorn.

Prinzhorn Dance School is out now via DFA/Astralwerks.