Joanna Newsom Unveils New, Untitled Song In Brazil

Just this weekend, we were talking about J News, how we missed her and the Ys Street Band, how last we’d seen her was with bf Bill Callahan. And just this morning, reader teco apple filled us in on his enviable Sunday night, spent sitting what looks like first row at Joanna’s show in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where Ms. Newsom performed a set of familiars and one gorgeous new and untitled tune, recorded is some pretty high quality A/V, a nice snapshot for those looking to see where Jo’s headed next.

On this harp, harpsichord ‘n’ vox beauty, Joanna’s in the space between Milk-Eyed and Ys, offering a sythesis, really; at seven-or-so minutes and in three-or-so distinct movements it’s longer by far than anything on the former (save “Sadie,” maybe), but the passages are less sprawling, more melody-bound than the Van Dyke stuff (particularly dig the Beatles-y chord progression of the second section). And she’s still singing about things like “phantoms of love” and “angels,” but it’s not like we expected any of that to change from our favorite folk faerie.

Lovely stuff. Thanks again, teco.