New Flaming Lips – “The Tale Of The Horny Frog” (Stereogum Premiere)

With this post, we now pronounce the Flaming Lips “Kings Of The Soundtrack.” Makes sense for the cinematic Oklahoma troupe to lend their music beyond standard music/video stuff (see also: Yoshimi Battles The Theater Critics), but since releasing At War With The Mystics a year-and-a-half ago, it’s been mostly film fare for the Flaming ones, including “The Supreme Being Teaches Spider-Man How To Be In Love” for the Spidey 3 OST and “I Was Zapped By The Lucky Super Rainbow” for the Dane Cook/Jessica Alba flick Good Luck Chuck’s soundtrack.

Now we’re pleased to announce the Lips are leaving Dane Cook for Ben Stiller in The Heartbreak Kid, which is, at least, a step in the right direction. As the title suggests, “The Tale Of The Horny Frog”‘s got a kids TV/Sesame Street vibe, though the frog-hop’s an adult metaphor; we’re imagining a video featuring a bunch of lip-syncing puppets and a wink to the old-timers. The clippity-cloppity shuffle’s a sunny and sweet one, perfect for a rom-com and hand-held walks on happy days. Aside from the exasperated “Fuck!” at the end.

[Pic from the Lips’ set at Bonnaroo ’07]

The Heartbreak Kid soundtrack is out now on Plan R, movie’s out now via Dreamworks. Seen it? Know what it’s about? Refresh yourself…