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Band To Watch: Woelv

If Sigur Rös is the soundtrack to footage of slowly melting glaciers as they’re so often described hyperbolically, think of Woelv (aka Geneviève Castrée) as the musical accompaniment to a night spent rainstorm-watching from inside a darkened apartment. The 26-year-old comic artist/singer-songwriter’s Tout Seui Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? LP isn’t one built for a quick hit; Geneviève’s album is a sparse songcycle, tracks usually built on classically hued, single-instrument figures, enhanced by her múm-y baby coos, eerie wails (“La Mort Et Le Chien Obése”), low pitched horns (“Sous Mon Manteau”), and thunder-in-the-distance percussive rumbles. They’ll burst momentarily (vox might even clip), but recede again. Some are just interstitial passages that come and go in under sixty seconds, more mood-setting adhesive than properly formed gem, others flow in and out of passages for 12 full minutes at a go.

“I will always sing in French because I wouldn’t feel honest otherwise,” she says (not that we’d know the difference), but her francophonic musings fit the music’s impressionistic, patient unfold (like something from Kristín Anna Valtýsdóttir, or the aforementioned Icelandic post-rockers). “Drapeau Blanc”‘s the track we have for ya — just a snapshot at what Woelv’s working with, but its the closest she comes to breaking the amorphous, sketch style for something resembling song structure.

Woelv – “Drapeau Blanc” (MP3)

Tout Seui Dans La Forêt En Plein Jour, Avez-Vous Peur? is out soon on K Records. Catch her on the road:

10/12 – Chicago, IL @ South Union Arts
10/14 – Buffalo, NY @ “Rust Belt Books”
10/15 – Toronto, Ontario @ TRANZAC
10/22 – Montréal, Québec @ la Sala Rossa
11/01 – Québec, QC @ “L’Agitée”
11/07 – Bronxville, NY @ Sarah Lawrence College
11/08 – Brooklyn, NY @ TBA (Todd P show)
11/09 – Bridgeport, CT @ The Nest
11/11 – Philadelphia, PA @ First Unitarian Church
11/12 – Baltimore, MD @ Copycat B201
11/13 – Charlottesville, VA @ University of VA Chapel
11/15 – Asheville, NC @ Ship to Shore
11/16 – Columbia, SC @ Nickelodeon Theater
11/18 – Gainesville, FL @ Wayward Council
11/19 – Orlando, FL @ Stardust Coffee
11/20 – Sarasota, FL @ New College
11/21 – Ft. Myers, FL @ Planetarium at the Calusa Nature Center
11/22 – Jacksonville, FL @ Inertia
11/23 – Atlanta, GA @ A Cappella Books
12/04 – Phoenix, AZ @ Trunk Space

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