Sarah Silverman’s Celebrity Playlist Establishes That, In At Least One Respect, She Has Little To Say

It’s not so much that she likes the Killers (if they’re good enough for Lou Reed…), but the supplemental commentary borders on a Jennifer Garner level of duh. To wit:

“In The Winter” – Janis Ian
“I love super dramatic songs. I love heartbreak.”

“The Last Time I Saw Richard” – Joni Mitchell
“This song is so great. Yeah.”

“All These Things I’ve Done” – The Killers
“I love the Killers.”

And it goes on. Chalk it up to she’s really busy making a funny TV show? That was the story last year when we asked her for her playlist. But nice work picking Wilco, Joni, Fiona, Billy Joel, Imperial Teen, Elvis Costello, and the Magnetic Fields, Sarah! We like them too. Check more of her insightful commentary here.

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