MTV News On Beirut And La Blogothèque

John Norris may sport a really fake-looking wig, but his interest in Zach Condon, a “young musical savant,” seems real, especially when he bubbles over “horns, glorious horns” (Hair?) later intoning “Zach is back!,” giving the last year’s Band To Watch the MTV News treatment. Note the mention of Beirut’s “unlikely musical roots” … another self conscious reference to your mop, John?

We kid. And, actually, props on your pronunciation during the segment about the band’s newfound “all things French” side and the sweetly romantic La Blogothèque “Take-Away Shows” taking Flying Club Cup away to the streets of Brooklyn: Vincent Moon, Condon, and Norris all focus on the “natural” sound of the hand-held live videos, cycling through clips from Grizzly Bear, the Shins, etc. But in the end it’s all about Zach because, yup, Zach is back! Beaucoup Beirut.

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