Stereogum Does CMJ: Black Ghosts @ 200 Orchard (‘Sup Magazine Party)

While we were watching Voxtrot stretch into the wee at Bowery, Abbey Braden (who’s back and snapping shots to help us rove as many day parties, showcases, and afterparties as possible) made her way to 200 Orchard for ‘Sup Mag’s afterparty, featuring a set from Black Ghosts. Maybe you already know ‘em. Or maybe you need Abbey’s primer on why you should. Calling all Simian Mobile Disco fans…

Simon Lord, former frontman of Simian, teamed up with Theo Keating from the Wiseguys which spontaneously combusted into the duo Black Ghosts. You might recognize SL’s vocals from Simian Mobile Disco’s “I Believe” (Yes, the other members of Simian branched off into the SMD incarnation when the group disbanded, and James Ford, arm in a sling, was in the house for the gig)! We didn’t know how their CMJ gigs would work- straight DJ sets? Gratuitous nightlife photo ops? So we were extremely curious last night at the ‘Sup Magazine party at 200 Orchard, and were thrilled to see Simon grab a mic as Theo dropped the beats. Jumping into the crowd and singing “Any Way You Choose To Give It” face to face to the partygoers on the dancefloor was AMAZING. We’ll probably will never recover, and yes, there are more BG gigs instore during the festival. Stalk them.

Black Ghosts for your listening pleasure at MySpace. Happy stalking.