New Intramural – “Impairment Begins With The First Drink” (w/ Teeter Sperber from LadybiRdS)

Nowadays ex-Desaparecidos guitarist/Statistics frontman Denver Dalley’s recording electro-acoustic music under the Intramural moniker. He and co-producer Sam Shacklock’s longtime-in-the-making debut This Is A Landslide includes 10 tracks, each with a different vocalist, including Greg Dulli, Judah Nagler of the Velvet Teen, Minipop’s Tricia Kanne, the Pink Spiders? Matt Fricton, and John Roderick of the Long Winters. We’re happy to premiere a swoony non-album tune “Impairment Begins with the First Drink.”

Intramural – “Impairment Begins With The First Drink” (MP3)

Those chirpy sing-a-song vocals are provided by Teeter Sperber from LadybiRdS, who steers the tune with a dreamy indie-pop propulsion. The boy/girl call and response alongside clicks and drags remind us of the Postal Service, but to get a sense of the project’s scope — and how much things shift with a new set of lungs — take a listen to guitar-accented “From The Ground,” the tune with John Roderick song dropping knowledge about architects and AutoCAD.

Intramural – “From The Ground” (MP3)

See — just like that — edgy and intelligent electro-rock. Can’t wait to hear how Dulli sweats across the Intramural soundscape.

This Is A Landslide is out 10/23 on Slowdance.