Stereogum Does CMJ: Dan Deacon Parts The Party At Bowery Ballroom

At last night’s Windish Showcase Dan Deacon got our sweaty selves hyped with group shouts of “Ethan Hawke!” and “Gattaca!” then screwed our minds with his signature strobes, green skull, and iPod-taped-to-a-banana (this has made Dan a person of interest to airport security … really). So what better way to end the blog day — before we guzzle another pot of coffee and head out to more, more, more CMJ — than with his line-dancing version of “Trippy Green Skull”? Right, there is no better way. Try to spot yourself in the crowd. (Nice moves, girl in the blue shirt.)

One thing to note: That isn’t Diplo … Dan’s using the guy as an example of how hard he wants y’all to party. Speaking of which, as we mentioned earlier, pre-show we invited Andrew W.K. to go head to trippy green skull with the Baltimore man himself: Party tip video on the way! Another note: We aren’t this handy with video cameras. The footage was shot by ace Stereogum videographer Matt Neatock. More of his fancy CMJ-related vid stuff’s on the way, too. OK, if you’re in NYC, time to get outside and dance.

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