The Daily Show Upgrades Its Web Presence

After 10+ years of The Daily Show and piggybacking on-line as part of the Comedy Central site, Jon Stewart and friends finally have their own bona fide web address. It launched yesterday at noon EST and is set to include almost a complete archive of past episodes chopped into various clips, but as of today we’re still having trouble accessing a few things. Figure there are bugs to work out. Either that, or we don’t know how to work a website. The official site will ostensibly be the one place on-line to see legal videos, though according to a Reuters story, “a spokesman said that a few selected clips could become available on sites through syndication deals.” Syndication and bugs aside, we tested the nifty archive function to see which of our old faves we could find.

Came back with Tom Waits doing an absolutely stunning “Day After Tomorrow” in November 2006. (Which, actually, you can also get — and have been able to for a while — at the Comedy Central site.)

We weren’t as lucky locating Neil Young in March ’06 or White Stripes in December ’05. As a Comedy Central aside, props are in order for Colbert and his Decemberists guitar-off episode …. but yeah, different website.

Anyhow, what are some of your favorite moments? Name ‘em if you got ‘em. Because we like to be forward thinking, we’re also mulling possible future musical guests. Don’t imagine any invites are coming to the indie brethren …. thinking more like Bruce Springsteen (he’s political!) …. Thom Yorke?