It’s Always Danny DeVito At Coachella

Danny DeVito is a 66-year-old Hollywood legend having a blast at Coachella this weekend. Is that so wrong? He’s there every year! He should have his own stage. Not just any celebrity could turn so many tweeting hipsters into giddy paparazzi (well, that’s not true), but still it’s nice to see this particular icon embraced. Lots of Matilda-heads over in Indio. Like last year Devito’s sporting an It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia cap and taking photos of his feet (it’s a thing, look it up). There he is onstage with the Aquabats! Backstage with the Kills! In the photo pit for the Black Keys. Chilling with Har Mar Superstar/Robyn/Big Audio Dynamite. (Where’s the love, Odd Future?) Check out our gallery of DeVito pics from the weekend, and stay tuned for more non-Devito Coachella coverage.

Last year: