Sondre Lerche Performs Dan In Real Life Soundtrack’s “To Be Surprised” On Letterman

Aside from “Let My Love Open The Door” (used prominently in the trailer treatment), upcoming Steve Carrell vehicle Dan In Real Life features music composed and performed by 25-year-old Norwegian lounge/folk-pop cutie Sondre Lerche. (Sondre gets guest help from Regina Spektor, the Faces Down Quartet, and Lillian Samdal, too.) The Dan’s director Peter Hedges sald Sondre’s music “has a depth to it and you feel that this is a man who believes in love.” Bergen’s resident lover of love hit Letterman the other day, armed with the Dan In Reali Life’s Official Sondretrack tune “To Be Surprised,” a sort of rollicking, Nashvillian country-folk jangler. He’s joined by Norah Jones’s usual backers (the Handsome Family Band: Andrew Borger on drums, Adam Levy on guitar, Norah’s BF Lee Alexander on bass; no Daru Oda, though) and although the overall take away’s just so-so, it does mean we get Letterman, Carrell, and Sondre in one post. So, score.

Dan In Real Life is in theaters on 10/26 via Touchstone, while the film’s Sondre-penned LP is out now on Capitol. If you haven’t turned on a TV recently, here’s a look at Real Life