The Dodos Drink Really Bad Beer

Or at least want you and me and everyone we know to drink really bad beer. A year ago, when I interviewed the Dodos’ about their day jobs, they offered up “Fools” to go along with the discussion. Fittingly — since we’re focusing again on economics — the song also scores their foray into paid advertising, via an ebullient, summery Miller Chill ad. It’s unclear if anyone actually drinks Miller Chill (after all, the song is called “Fools”), but to the agency’s credit, this spot makes the product seem semi-appealing. Until you remember it’s watery 100 calorie Miller Lite with a too-sweet twist of lime.

(Via AdAge)

Here’s the song without the choreographed Millers:

The Dodos – “Fools” (MP3)

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