New Sally Shapiro – “Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me)”

Mea culpa: We’re all about Sweden lately. Well, not just lately. For the past few months we’ve busted out Sally Shapiro’s Disco Romance whenever we’re needing a blustery, Italo Disco fix. That was the European Diskokaine/Klein draft — Disco’s been newly appointed and extended for its American release (which is … tomorrow!). The extension includes previously vinyl-only “I’ll Be By Your Side” and three bonus tracks: “Skating in the Moonshine,” “He Keeps Me Alive,” and “Jackie Jackie (Spend This Winter With Me).” We premiered a stream of the windswept, bittersweet Annie & Kylie Chain anthem “He Keeps Me Alive” a ways back, but here’s the darkly lush, so excellent roller-rocker again as a downloadable refresher course.

Sally Shapiro – “He Keeps Me Alive” (MP3)

The next dish is the equally elegant and iced, though even more plaintive (and talky) Disco Romance bonus “Jackie Jackie,” which finds lonely, suddenly loquacious Sally waiting by a phone, wondering why she always falls in love with weirdos (and vice versa).

“It’s just that things very easily get complicated around me.” Sound familiar? Tonight we fly.

The North American version of Disco Romance is out 10/30 on Paper Bag.