New St. Vincent Video – “Jesus Saves, I Spend”

In which Annie lectures her little scouts by the campfire about the “awful mess we’ve made” while in a dress that could only mean ‘more mess to come.’ The standout, string-tinged Marry Me waltz gets a Andy Bruntel/Bucky Fukumoto directed clip; they’ve got Annie telling stories while her background vocals are handled by a group of kids and a littler caterpillar. The scouts eat books and escape the clutches of possessed sleeping bags, but we’re most impressed by the continuing trend of shrubbery come-to-life (see also). It’s a fun world for St. Vincent, in which you conquer sandwiches with your mind and ingest books through your mouth.

For old times’ sake…

St. Vincent – “Now. Now.” (MP3)

Marry Me is out now on Beggars Banquet. (Which, by the way, should be said “Marry me!” Like Maeby says it on Arrested Development.)

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