New Postmarks Video – “Let Go” (Stereogum Premiere)

Trend spotting: Video directors setting their chanteuses in a woodsy settings is hott in ’07. The sad and sunny Floridian classic pop trio Postmarks join the ranks of and the Women And Children and the Fiery Furnaces, with this hazily sylvan clip, rays of light pouring through green leaves, chem major Tim Yehezkely occasionally mouthing her happy/sad lyrics. The rest of the time she just stares, smiles, walks, sits. Good enough for us.

The Postmarks is out via Unfiltered. And a heads up for next year: the band’s working on a new project dubbed By The Numbers, covering a new song each month, starting January. Inspired by the success of this little Ministry cover…

The Postmarks – “Every Day Is Halloween” (MP3)

We’ll keep ya posted on that. For this week at least, every day definitely is Halloween.