The Flaming Lips March 1,000 Skeletons Through Oklahoma City

When Wayne Coyne delivered the weather and got a pound from the local weatherman after his televised chat about Flaming Lips Alley, he teased his grand plan for the Flaming Lips’ March Of 1,000 Flaming Skeletons, as part of Oklahoma City’s inaugural Ghouls Gone Wild Halloween Parade. It all went down this past Saturday night, and it looks like a riot. More funny-bone tickling than ghoulishly frightening (except for the fire sticks, maybe), the parade had upwards of 100 people dressed in black tees with skeleton imprints hoisting torches (hence “flaming”) and following their ringleader marching down the street in (what else?) a bubble. Not sure how many of you were able to make the trip to OKC, so here’s a fairly thorough YouTube overview. We’ll start with Wayne’s typically rambling pep talk. He thinks it’s gonna be a lot of fucking fun! Honestly.

Now, onto the Million Bone March.

An insider’s perspective:

Wave to the folks, bubble boy.

How’d you think it went, Wayne?