The Scrantones Cover Radiohead

Anyone with an internet connection and a tendency to veer over to straight pop culture/entertainment sites is well aware that last week Scranton hosted the first Office convention, giving Scrantonians a day to exhibit their local pride and celebrate the company promising “Limitless Paper In A Paperless World.” We weren’t invited but we’re fine with that, it’s not Stereogum’s favorite sitcom or anything. And who really needs to be there when one can just turn to YouTube for sweet Radiohead covers by the Scrantones and Darryl. The Scrantones, as in the guys behind The Office theme song (not to be confused with the epic Police cover band Scrantonicity, or Scrantonicity II for that matter). And Darryl as in Darryl Philbin, foreman of Dunder-Mifflin’s warehouse, Kelly Kapoor’s new dude/make-Ryan-jealous toy, and the office’s resident pianist/Michael Scott-rejected-jingle writer. So that’s who, and “Creep” is what.

Creed played with them, too, but super fans (i.e. you that have made it this far into this post) already know he had has music days back with the Grass Roots. So in honor of that and the entire convention we’re not at all bitter about not attending, take the jump for a clip of young Creed in action, and another of the Office cast dancing to the theme song in Scranton.

First, Creed with the Grass Roots (grab a red bull and take it to 1:40, bro).

And the entire cast dances! Entire cast except for Rainn Wilson, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, and Steve Carrell. But hey — Nard Dog straps on the guitar for a righteous and totally inaudible solo! There’s your consolation. Enjoy.