Witchcraft Cover Roky Erickson

We’re big fans of smoking, psychedelic Swedish post-Pentagram doom crew Witchcraft’s new third album The Alchemist, especially the 15-minute title track. Epic! But really, the whole thing — both breezy and sufficiently heavy — pairs so well with, and can even up, its grainier 2005 predecessor Firewood. Definitely one of 2007’s best. We also love ourselves some Roky Erickson, so imagine our joy when this Japanese-only Alchemist bonus track fell on our laps: Our favorite vintage-rocking Swedes since Dungen doing Erickson’s hauntingly rockin’ Gremlins Have Pictures tune “Sweet Honey Pie”! The only better thing we could’ve asked for on Halloween would be a Witchcraft cover of “Night Of The Vampire.”

Witchcraft – “Sweet Honey Pie” (MP3)

They transform Erickson’s shaggy, nervous energy into such a smooth, green-leafed pastoral. Did you catch the final, important toke? Guess that’s how the often Doors-throated vocalist/guitarist Magnus Pelander nails light and airy? The tune also appeared on Scandinavian Friends: A Tribute to Roky Erickson — gotta track it down. In the meantime, neophytes really should head over to WitchSpace to sample some of Witchcraft’s self-penned treats. Hey, made it that far without a “spellcasting” pun.

The Alchemist is out now on Candlelight USA.